Tooth Fairy Ideas Your Kids Will Love 🧚🏽‍♀️

I lost my first tooth at only 4 years of age. At the time mommy was very concerned that losing a tooth that young meant something might be wrong. What she didn't know but later found out, was that losing a tooth at age 4 was very normal and not anything to worry about, it seems like the earlier you get your baby teeth, the more likely you would lose them early as well. While I wasn't too thrilled to be losing a tooth, I was super excited at what the tooth fairy was going to bring me. So what do you do and how do you make your little one losing her first tooth extra special? I share with you 5 ways you can celebrate the loss of a tooth with your own tooth fairy.

1. Tooth Fairy Door

A few years ago on Growing Up Madison I shared a post about letting fairies in with this very same door. The Tooth Fairy after all is a fairy and having your very special door that he/she can enter will just make their day. If you prefer you can make your own door instead of buying it. Let your little ones know that their Tooth Fairy will be in later once they're asleep.

2. Glitter Bills

They say everything is better with glitter and fairies are experts at glitter. Add some glitter to your dollar bills and place them in a special envelope for your kids under their pillow. To make it even more believable, you can trail some glitter from the fairy door if you decided to use it, or from the window to the pillow.

3. Tooth Pouch

You can make a special pouch to store your little one's tooth in, making it easier for the Tooth Fairy to find their tooth. The Tooth Fairy would much prefer that than having to dig around under their pillows looking for that tiny tooth which can be almost impossible to find in the middle of the night, in the dark.

4. Sweet Treat

We all love Santa and Rudolph and we leave them milk and cookies so that he can leave his gifts under the tree. Why not have your kids leave a sweet treat for their Tooth Fairy as well. Their Tooth Fairy will appreciate it.

5. Thank You Letter

Now it's also a good idea to have your little ones leave a thank you letter in exchange for the gift that they will receive from their Tooth Fairy. It also teaches them gratitude, and who knows, maybe the Tooth Fairy may even respond back to their thank you letter with something special.

Get your children involved in the entire event, well except for the Glitter Bills, and just let the magic happen.