DIY Dollar Store Mini Halloween Wreath

Today I want to share with you my very easy Dollar Store Mini Halloween Wreath. The reason I call it mini, is because mommy and I purchased a very small foam wreath form, but I love it.

I get excited over Halloween. I get to dress up and pretend to be whoever I want to be. This year I am going to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and I can't wait to do so at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World. That's right, my mom and I will be spending Halloween at Disney and I can't wait to get there. Mommy generally doesn't like pulling me out of school, but this is going to be a special event for me since I've never done Halloween at Disney before. I will be sure to share photos with you on my Instagram page, be sure to follow along. Anyway, let's talk about this Halloween wreath. Mommy and I went to the dollar store to pick up a few Halloween items and decided to use them for crafts. While mommy did a Witch Wreath, I decided to do something on a small scale. My Mini Halloween Wreath cost $3 and is perfect for little hands. Here's how it's done.
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