Kid Friendly Glitter Slime (Borax Free)

With a little help your kids can have some glitter slime that they'll enjoy playing with.

It feels good to be back although I can't entirely say for how long. I have started Kindergarten and that means that I am super busy. Can you believe that I already have homework? I had no idea that I would have received homework on my first week in Kindergarten. While it isn't a lot of homework, it's still homework. However, in order to keep me balanced, mommy decided that she was going to help me make something that I've always wanted to. I wanted to make my own glitter slime, but mommy was never a fan of the slime recipes that she's seen online. See, she has always had the idea that borax wasn't that good for you, but she finally found a recipe that works. It was on the package of our Elmers Glue and that's what I'm sharing with you today, because it actually works great!
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