The Road Home - by Katie Cotton 📚

This post was originally scheduled to go live yesterday since I've decided that every Thursday, I will be taking the time to share a new book that was sent to me. However due to mommy's schedule she couldn't write it for me so I had to wait until today. That's what happens when you can't write for yourself. You have to wait for someone to do it for you on their own time. You may remember I started my book journey last week when we shared about Benji, the dog who would eat everything. Today's book however is:

The Road Home - Written by Katie Cotton & Illustrated by Sarah Jacoby

A bird and her chick prepare for the journey south.
A Mouse and her child toil to build a nest of straw and leaves
A wolf family hunts for prey to stave off the looming hunger, as two rabbits flee to escape their predators.

Safety is a precious place,
A place to call our own.
This road is hard, this road is long,
This road that leads us home.

Fierce and tender, this new picture book from author Katie Cotton and newcomer illustrator Sarah Jacoby depicts several animal families seeking the safety of home in a wild and unpredictable world. As each animal prepares for the coming winter, she teachers her child the skills of survival. In the end, though the dangers are only ever temporarily avoided, the parent and child find comfort in each other and conclude that home is togetherness as much as a physical space.

With a gentle rhyme and soft illustrations, The Road Home is the perfect bedtime story for an unfortunately uncertain and fearful time. Though the world may feel dangerous and predictable, the comfort and safety of family will lead us home.

About the Author:
Katie Cotton studied English at Oxford University before becoming an author and editor of children's books. She finds home in London.

About the Illustrator:
Sarah Jacoby is an award-winning artist and illustrator. Her art has been shown internationally, and she is the recipient of a Society of Illustrators Gold Medal. She finds home in Brooklyn, New York.

The Road Home  is currently available for pre-order and will be released for purchase on March 7th.