I'm on my way to Walt Disney World (Again) 🎠

Hi, it's me Madison and you can find me now on my very own domain. Today is a very special day. Today I'm going on another trip to Walt Disney World, but what makes it even more special, is that I will also be doing a Disney Cruise. I have never done a Disney Cruise or any cruise for that matter, so I can't wait to share my experience with you. I'm just hoping that I don't get sick on the ship, but mommy has reassured me that she has me covered.

Last Christmas I spent an entire week at Walt Disney World and it was amazing. I got to see my favorite characters that I hadn't seen in quite some time, (well it had actually only been a few months), but it seemed like forever. I got to meet Anna and Elsa from Frozen, saw the Frozen play, and also saw Beauty and the Beast performance as well as the Lion King. After seeing Beauty and the Beast live on stage, I can't wait to see the movie although I've seen the animation numerous times.

There is no greater feeling than being at Walt Disney World. I had such a great time and I can't wait to see what this trip has in store. I will be giving and returning hugs. because that's just what you do at Walt Disney World. It's the most magical place on earth, and it's the one place where you'll see me smile, and not just my famous smirk. I'm not such a big fan of smiling, but you just can't help it when you're at Walt Disney World.

I will share my adventures with you when I return but in the meantime follow along as I will be sharing my journey on Instagram.