Madison's Pre-Schooler's Guide to Flying ✈️

I have to say that I think that I'm experienced enough to give you a few tips about flying. I have been flying since the tender age of 2 months old, and since then I have flown every year. Sometimes even two or three times a year. My moms' favorite quote is actually:

Travel is the only thing that you buy that makes you rich.

Not rich in the sense of money, but rich in the sense of experience. I have experienced quite a lot in the 5 years I have been on this earth. Maybe not as much as most of you reading my blog today, but maybe when it comes to travel, a little more than some.

I have drank coconut water from an actual coconut in the Caribbean, ran around with my feet in the sand of an ocean in the Caribbean Sea, eaten French Macarons in France, took a ride on the Thames River in London, walked on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and even ate the best donuts in the US according to Foursquare.

Most of these experiences required me to fly from one place to another, and today I want to share with you my preschooler's guide to flying. It's not as difficult as it sounds and not scary at all. As a matter of fact, on my last flight, I fell asleep within 20 minutes. So let's go!

1. Have food and snacks

While you're allowed to have snacks in your carry-on or personal bag, liquids over 8oz are not allowed. However, some airports do allow boxed drinks or supplemental drinks such as Pediasure through security. Tell the person checking your bag that you need to have it for your flight and I'll explain why.

2. Chew on snacks and drink your drink while the flight is taking off on the runway. 

If you're allowed to chew gum that's even better. The swallowing motion actually helps with clogged ears. I learned the hard way with this. On my flight to Iceland, I didn't listen to my mom who told me to eat, and ended up with the worst clogged ear pain that one can experience. It was horrible! I've since learned to eat/drink during both takeoff and landing. Also, it's a lot cheaper having your own than paying for the airline's snacks. Some don't even offer it.

3. Have entertainment on hand

Crayons and portable electronics (in airplane mode) are great for very long flights. It'll keep you busy, especially on flights without in-flight entertainment. Have a headphone on hand as well, the person sitting next to you might actually not be a fan of "Frozen" and may not want to hear "Let it Go".

4. Use the potty before getting on board

While it may be difficult to "hold it", there is usually a bathroom within walking distance of your airline gate. Use the restroom before boarding your flight. While there are bathrooms on board, if you're in a window seat, you don't want to inconvenience the person sitting in the aisle seat too often. Be considerate.

5. If your flight is mid-afternoon, here is an amazing tip for mommies. Tire your kids out.

Have them run around etc., before the flight. They'll be so tired that they'll actually fall asleep, leaving you to read your book, work on your computer or even sleep yourself.

6. Have a travel-sized blanket and pillow on hand.

It is usually cold on planes and having one will enable your little one to nap soundly. Blankets aren't always available on some flights, while others may even charge you a fee unless you're flying first class.

These tips have actually worked for me and I hope that they'll work for you too.

Do you have any other tips that may have worked for you? Please share them with us.