That Day I Totally Felt Like A Princess 👑

As you may know, I'm currently at Walt Disney World, but what you may not know is that I'm celebrating my 5th birthday. I'm also celebrating the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration with my mom who was invited. While my mom gets to go off to conferences to learn what's new and in store for Disney, I get to relax and enjoy the parks and everything they have to offer currently. However, I wanted to share about the day that I came here. We're currently staying at the Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside and mommy surprised me with something amazing for my birthday.

The Port Orleans Resort - Riverside is beautiful and while I've never been to the south, the resort is made to look like you're really in the south. It's a waterfront resort, complete with ornate mansions and a river bend that you can use to take you to Disney Springs to do some shopping, or even take a cruise around the resort. Their dining hall even looks like a steamboat and you'll have a variety of foods to choose from. From pizza, burgers or even some southern food, from breakfast to dinner, you really don't need to go anywhere else.

What I want to share with you though is all about the room that I ended up in when I arrived. I had no idea what I was in store to receive upon check-in, but I did hear the words:

Royal Guest Room.

Since I was celebrating my birthday I received a birthday pin and a scroll that Princess Tiana had left for me. I was going to be in a Royal Guest Room, all decorated for this royal highness. Since the Princess and the Frog were all about New Orleans, it was only fitting that Princess Tiana was the theme of this room. However, she wasn't the only princess here. There were all the princesses on the wall, and the best thing was the amazing headboard. It lit up with fireworks! It was beautiful to see, and I constantly pressed the button so that I could see it over and over again.

It was truly magical, and I felt like the princess that I was. If you're looking to surprise your own little girl with a visit to Walt Disney World, and you want the experience to be extra special, may I suggest the Royal Guest Rooms at Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside? I know that I was surprised and while I LOVED the Coronado Springs that I stayed at this past Christmas, this, however, was so much better.

I enjoyed sleeping in my bed, knowing that my fellow princesses' were looking down on me, keeping me safe.

Now, while my photos aren't the best, check out Disney's video of my room that they put together just for you.

What do you love about Walt Disney World?