DIY 4th of July Mason Jar Vase πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

This quick and easy 4th of July Mason Jar Vase will not only get you in the holiday spirit but is also a simple craft for the kids to do as well.

DIY 4th of July Mason Jar Vase

It's been quite some time since I've done a post on my site, and my mom decided that it was time for us to do something. With me being out of school due to the pandemic, I've had a lot more time on my hands than I've ever had before. Although I've been participating in distance-learning, which my mom hates, the evenings are usually left for me to have a little bit of downtime.

I'm currently supposed to be in London for the next two months, but like most people, we have had to cancel our trips for the year. While it's a bummer, as I enjoy traveling with my mom and visiting all the new places, I know that for us to be safe and flatten the curve, travel has to be placed on hold.

4th of July Flowers

This past weekend, mommy ordered a few supplies from Michaels, because she claimed that we need to find other things to occupy our time with. I've always enjoyed crafting, and with the 4th of July celebration coming up, we decided to do something special.

We always enjoy hosting a bbq with friends, and while we're not sure if that will be possible this year, we do know that it will be done with our immediate family. It's always lovely decorating, and this year we decided to paint some mason jars, just for the holiday. These can be used to decorate your patio table, dining table, or even a room in your home. They're so easy to do because you don't need to be crafty at all. You can get all your supplies at Michaels, and the kids will have a blast decorating.

Here's what you'll need:


3 Mason Jars
Red, White, and Blue Paint
Chenille Stems
Patriotic Stickers
Faux flowers

4th July Mason Jar Supplies


I almost feel foolish sharing the directions with you because of how easy this is, but here goes.

STEP 1: Paint your mason jars in each of the colors. You're going to need 2 coats but wait between coats before painting.

STEP 2: After your paint is dried, decorate your mason jars with the stickers.

4th of July Mason Jars

STEP 3: Twist the chenille stems around the mouth of the mason jar to give it a bit of pizzazz.

STEP 4: Add your faux flowers, and voila, you're done!

4th of July Mason Jar Vases with Flowers

It's really that simple, and the kids will have a blast decorating the jars. If you'd love to add some unique patriotic flowers, check out this DIY Patriotic Pinecone Flowers that my mom shared on her website.


An Easy Craft for Kids. 4th July Mason Jar Vases