LEGOLAND® Beach Retreat Florida - #BuiltForKids 🏨

Welcome to LEGOLAND® Beach Retreat in sunny Florida!

My family and I spent 2 fabulous days at the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat, the perfect place for kids. I have spent many nights in many hotels, but this one takes the cake. I mean, come on! I love LEGO's, who doesn't, well besides adults who hate stepping on them. However, getting to spend the night in a LEGO bungalow was terrific. We didn't get there at the optimal time since it was raining on/off while on our vacation, but it was still great! So, what can parents and kids expect at the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat?

LEGO Bungalows

Where else can you sleep in a LEGO house? There are currently 83 beach-themed bungalows, and each cottage can house 2 separate families. Each bungalow can comfortably sleep a family of 5 and is, of course, LEGO-themed. You even have your own patio where the adults and even the kids can sit back and relax with their feet up. However, there is a play area in the middle of each bungalow section so that the kids can have fun outdoors.

Pool and Play Area

The pool and play area is an oasis for both parents and kids alike. There is a play structure for the kids, a sandy area where they can build their sand castles and of course the pool where you can swim with LEGO bricks. Life jackets are available for kids, so they feel safe in the water, but there are also at least 3-4 lifeguards on hand keeping an eye out. Adults can relax on the lounge chairs while kids play in the water. You also get a picturesque view of Lake Dexter.


I was very impressed by their menu which consists of a plethora of choices for both meat eaters and vegetarians alike. There is also a free buffet breakfast, which is served from 7:30 a.m. - 10 a.m., and there is a great selection. For the adults, there is a bar which serves alcoholic drinks. Sometimes, after a long day with the kids, you just need a drink.


There are lots of activities for everyone.  Starting around 7 p.m. around the pool area, there are dance parties, bean bag toss, hula hoop contests, and even a S'mores pit where you can make your own S'mores delight. It doesn't have to stop there either. LEGOLAND Beach Retreat is within walking distance of the theme and water park. However, you can also wait for the shuttle, which will take you there. For being a guest of the retreat, you will have early access to the theme park and exclusive use of some of the most popular attractions.

So if you have a LEGO fanatic on your hands, and you're looking for a place that both the kids and adults can enjoy, looking for a quick retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city, be sure to check out LEGOLAND Beach Retreat. You'll LOVE it as much as I did.