Disney Tsum Tsum Subscription - July 2017 🧸

Disney Tsum Tsum Subscription - July 2017.

For the past six months, mommy has been investing in the Disney's Tsum Tsum subscription for me. The subscription is $24.95 and is shipped monthly. Each month is a surprise, and you never know what you'll get in each package. You can either get a 3-piece mini set from a movie moment, one small plush and a coordinating mini plush or even a 6-piece micro set. So far I've gotten the movie set and the one small and coordinating mini, but haven't received the 6-piece micro set as yet. I've decided that I'll start sharing my subscription with you and if you love collecting Tsum Tsum's like I do, you might want to start investing in a subscription yourself too.

So what makes this subscription different from the Tsum Tsum's that you can get in stores? So far the ones I have received have been unavailable on the website, and I haven't seen them in stores either, so they are in fact collectibles. You may only be able to get them via a subscription, but I may be wrong. Please don't quote me on that. So what/who did I get in my July 2017 Disney Tsum Tsum subscription box?

This month I received a 3-piece mini set from a movie moment, and it was all about the Emperor's New Groove. It's actually one of my most loved Disney movies and I was really excited, mainly to see Yzma since she's one of my all-time favorite villains. They truly captured her in true Tsum Tsum fashion.

Disney Tsum Tsum Yzma

Disney Tsum Tsum Kronk

Disney Tsum Tsum Kuzco - Llama

I can't wait to see what August has in store for the Disney's Tsum Tsum subscription. Be sure to get your own subscription and get in on the Tsum Tsum fun!

Disney Tsum Tsum Subscription - July 2017 - The Emperors New Groove.