Today I Feel... An Alphabet of Feelings - by Madalena Moniz 📚

This week is going to be a fun week because I will be sharing with you one book, each and every day. As a pre-schooler I'm all about feelings. I know how to show them and I also know how to keep them inside.  Sometimes they may even come out without me even wanting them to. That's why today's book means so much to me. It's not just about feelings but learning the alphabet, so it's a two in one winner. Today's book is:

Today I Feel... An Alphabet of Feelings - Written and Illustrated by Madalena Moniz

Soft, gentle watercolor paintings are the perfect complement to a book about feelings in Today I Feel. In addition to being a book of feelings, Today I Feel is also an alphabet book, reinforcing the letter names and shapes offering vocabulary enrichment.

Beautifully illustrated by Madalena Moniz's subtle watercolors, Today I Feel allows a child through a whole range of emotions, from adored to curious to strong. Not all of the emotions are positive and not all of them are simple, but they are all honest and worthy of discussion with a young child. In today's world where children spend more time with devices rather than socializing, this book offers a context in which parents and children can talk about emotions, even the not-so-pleasant ones, such as grumpiness and jealousy.

About the Author
Madalena Moniz is an illustrator based in Lisbon. After graduating from the University of the West of England in 2009, she worked as an art director in an advertising agency before joining a small group of talented friends in a lovely studio space to work as a freelancer.

Today I Feel... An Alphabet of Feelings is currently available wherever books are sold.