My Kicks: A Sneaker Story - by Susan Verde 📚

Last week was supposed to be an entire week of books, however, we missed Friday's book. I didn't want to disappoint you, so instead I'm here to share it with you today. Have you ever had that pair of shoes that you didn't want to get rid of. I know I had a few favorite pairs that mommy decided was time to go, but I didn't want to see them go. Today's book explores the love and pride that kids have for their sneakers and the joy that can be found in growing up, growing out, and moving on. It's my pleasure to introduce to you:

My Kicks: A Sneaker Story - by Susan Verde

We've all been guilty of holding onto a pair of shoes long past their expiration date. Whether it's sentimentality or the fear of never finding that perfect fit again, it's hard to let go of that old pair of kicks with so many memories. In My Kicks: A Sneaker Story, bestselling author Susan Verde and illustrator Katie Kath team up to tell the all too familiar story about a little boy who is reluctant to get rid of his old sneakers, until he realizes how much more he can do with a new pair of shoes.

Mom says it's time for a new pair of shoes, but her little boy disagrees. His shoes may be old and worn, falling apart and torn, but they've got soul in their soles! He refuses to give them up, instead reminiscing about all the great memories he has with his old kicks. He'll never forget learning how to tie his laces, or his first time on a skateboard. What about the day he was an artist, dripping paint on the canvas and making colorful splatters on his sneaks? And the last day of summer, when a popsicle left a stain on his big toe? He couldn't possibly give them up! But when he tries on a new pair of sneakers, he realizes that with new shoes, he can run faster, jump higher, and climb trees like a pro. Though there are a lot of memories in his old shoes, the boy concludes there's nothing like a new pair of kicks.

With brightly colored illustrations from Katie Kath and a heartwarming story by Susan Verde, My Kicks is both a story about growing up and an ode to the pride we feel in our sneakers. Young readers will delight in the escapades of a boy and his kicks and look fondly on their own memories with their sneakers. The book also features a shoe tying guide under the jacket.

About the Author
Susan Verde is the author of The Museum, You and Me, and I am Yoga. She lives just steps from the ocean in East Hampton, New York, with her three children. Her favorite kicks are her silver metallic high-tops.

About the Illustrator
Katie Kath graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a master's degree in illustration. She lives in the rolling hills of North Carolina with her husband and their cat. Her favorite kicks are the sandals she wore the day she got engaged on the beach.

My Kids: A Sneaker Story is currently available for pre-order and will be available on April 11th.